Join Us at the First FOXG1 Research Symposium 


The Society for Neuroscience Conference

FOXG1 Research Symposium
WHERE: San Diego, California
DATE: November 5th, 2018
TIME: 6:30-9:30 PM  ROOM:  Manchester Grand Hyatt - Promenade AB


The FOXG1 Research Foundation has arranged for a satellite conference during the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting this November.

We hope to develop a platform for rigorous science and inspiring discussion amongst established and young investigators.

We are seeking speakers covering a range of topics, including: (i) animal models of neurodevelopment; (ii) model systems of FOXG1 syndrome; (iii) molecular characterization of FOXG1; and (iv) bench to bedside in rare disorders. 

Scientists Dr. Soo Lee and Dr. John Mason, who have been studying FOXG1 for over a decade, will be facilitating the discussion. 


FOXG1 and brain development 

Dr John Mason, University of Edinburgh

Dr Antonello Mallamaci, Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati

Dr Corrine Houart, King's College London

Dr. Chunjie Zhao, School of Medicine, Southeast University 

Mouse models of FOXG1 syndrome

Dr Soo-Kyung Lee, Oregon Health and Sciences University

Dr. Goichi Miyoshi, Tokyo Women’s Medical University

Dr. Fabien Delerue, University of New South Wales

iPSC models of FOXG1 syndrome

Dr Flora Vaccarino, Yale School of Medicine

Dr. Adrian Waite, University of Cardiff

Dr Roberta Cilio, UCSF

Bench to bedside in FOXG1 syndrome

Dr. Roberta Cilio, UCSF

Dr. Dominic Gessler, University of Massachusetts

Dr. Michael Pettigrew, BridgeBioSchool of Medicine, Southeast University 

We are looking for more presenters, as the conference will be very interactive

Please email nasha@foxg1research.org if you would like to present at this Symposium. 

We greatly appreciate your attendance and participation and look forward to seeing you there. 

Information on the entire conference can be found here.