This Month’s “FOXG1 Parents Moving Mountains” in Focus 

Meet a few of our amazing parents who dedicate their time and talents for FOXG1 Research.   

Christophe (Brittany - France) father of Ryan (7 years old). Christophe first successfully raised funds to build a bedroom on the ground-floor of his house for Ryan. Christophe works for the French Marine and has convinced the government to support FOXG1 Research. A friend wrote a song about Ryan, which we’re seeking a celebrity to record. Christophe secured a French Minister to become a FOXG1 ambassador. He’s also organising a football match with huge players from the 1988 World Cup for FOXG1 Research. This man is on fire! 

Nicolas (Paris - France) father of Lou-Ann (4 years old). Nicolas has written thousands of personal letters to wealthy individuals to raise an incredible amount of money for FOXG1 Research, all while managing a full-time marketing job, a FOXG1 child, and a newborn. Nicolas also runs marathons for FOXG1. He’s an amazing relationship builder and this personality has landed us enormous support. He’s currently in touch with a famous French singer who interested in helping us. This man is unstoppable!

Judith (London - UK)  mother of Stuart (22 years old). Judith has overcome her shyness to fight for Stuart and formed the FOXG1 UK charity with other UK families. Judith’s advice, which she believes in for everyone with FOXG1 Syndrome, is to “never give up hope.” Judith recently spoke at the Festival of Genomics. The FOXG1 UK charity has helped us fund Angus Clark’s FOXG1 Research project and more activities are planned  for the coming months. We are so proud of her! 

To join our team of parents moving mountains for FOXG1 Research, email us at